Brings together major industry players to scan and deploy emerging
marketing & sales innovations in Europe.

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Upcoming Program Topics

program innovation topics are discussed and co-created by the Corporate Partners.
Currently planned:
Customer Intelligence
Decision and behavioral analytics, modern segmentation tools, consumer data mining, social listening and omnichannel customer journey tools & analytics
Marketing & Sales Automation
Programmatic ad buying, sales process automation, personalization of consumer messages, omnichannel conversion paths optimization and recommendation engines
Future Point of Sale
Showrooming, interactive offer presentation, modern salesforce management, biometric and emotions analytics as well as vendor relations management

Omnichannel Subject Rounds

Each topic is tackled in a focused Subject Round. This way we can maximize the relevance of all the parties involved and the probability of fruitful cooperation.
Program Leader

Tadeusz Żórawski

Leader of Omnichannel Program at The Heart Warsaw

Expert in marketing communications, brand strategy & media planning, advanced consumer research and trends in new technologies. He has had a 22-year tenure at a global media agency (UM/Universal McCann), including a 10-year tenure as CEO.
Author of numerous presentations on new technology trends and their applications in marketing, consumer psychology of consumer decision-making and the evolution of consumer behavior in the digital world.

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Jędrzej Iwaszkiewicz

VP Business Development

[email protected]
+48 502 613 819
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