Real Estate Tech

Brings together major industry players to scan and deploy emerging real estate innovations
in Europe and Israel

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Upcoming Program Topics

The innovation topics are discussed and co-created by the Corporate Partners. The program will start with three topics picked by the Program Partners on the list below.
Smart office/commercial space
Technology on managing real estate operations to develop smart offices, commercial space and workspace management.
Design & Engineering:
Planning stage
Innovative, simple and effective solutions for designing buildings at its planning stage.
Digital Construction:
Execution stage
The latest construction management technologies such as professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques real time during construction works.
Property Management & Leasing
Emerging technologies, innovations that property managers could use to be more efficient, provide better service and add more value for clients and tenants.
Data & Analytics
Turning data into a competitive advantage and closing the gaps between innovation, data and delivery.
Real Estate Investment
The latest innovative ways of clearly tracking deals and the best investment decisions such as professional services that are up-to-date, informative, compare options and respond quickly.

Real Estate Tech Subject Rounds

Each topic is tackled in a focused Subject Round. This way we can maximize the relevance of all the parties involved and the probability of fruitful cooperation.

Jędrzej Iwaszkiewicz

VP Business Development

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