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Upcoming Program Topics

program innovation topics are discussed and co-created by the Corporate Partners.
Currently planned:
Information technology solutions to provide e-health services to patients and allow medical personnel to collaborate effectively, including self-service portals, remote medical consultations and patient monitoring.
Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare analysis activities, especially financial and operational analytics, population health management, patient behaviour and sentiment data, clinical analytics, health engagement and predictive analytics.
Healthcare IoT
Medical devices, affordable sensors, software platforms that capture vast amounts of patient-centric data in order to alert, prevent or advice all key-parties in achieving better healthcare outcomes, e.g. medical e-health devices and apps, lifestyle wearables and integration IT platforms.

HealthTech Subject Rounds

Each topic is tackled in a focused Subject Round. This way we can maximize the relevance of all the parties involved and the probability of fruitful cooperation.
Program Leader

Przemysław Barszcz

Leader of HealthTech Program at The Heart Warsaw.

He has more than 14 years of experience in software development, IT consulting and team management at public and corporate sector, including recognized companies such as McKinsey & Company and IMS Health. At Children’s Memorial Health Institute he was leading development of innovative e-health platform enabling doctors and scientists to integrate, analyse and teleconsult patient medical data. Przemek was also engaged as healthcare solutions expert at Ricoh Poland and Internet of Things specialist at Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies - Cezamat (subsidiary of Warsaw University of Technology). Since several years he has been passionately involved in development of startups in area of telemedicine and personal finance.

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Anna Jaruga

Program Manager

[email protected]
+48 600 224 630
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